Charlie Parker Jazz Festival

Each year we assemble some of the finest musicians in the world who reflect Charlie Parker’s musical individuality and genius, to promote appreciation for this highly influential and world-renowned artist.

In a world of modern music - not just jazz - few figures loom as large or cast as long a shadow as saxophonist Charlie Parker, best known as "Bird" (short for "Yardbird") to generations of musicians. He was born in1920 and almost sixty years since his death in 1995, he is universally celebrated for single-handedly inventing bebop and bringing jazz into the modern era.

Charlie Parker Jazz Festival is New York City's annual salute to the legendary saxophonist. City Parks Foundation is proud to celebrate this histories festival, featuring contemporaries of Charlie Parker as well as young jazz musicians that continue to shape and drive the art form.

As in past seasons, the festival culminates on the final weekend of August to coincide with Parker's birthday, with performances uptown as well as downtown.

More information on the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival to be announced in Spring 2015.