Greening Western Queens

Greening Western Queens, Planting Trees, Growing Community, is a three year project bringing hundreds of new trees and exciting tree care opportunities to Astoria, Long Island City, Sunnyside and Woodside. The project launched in Spring 2011.


People need trees! Western Queens has fewer trees than other New York City neighborhoods.  Trees are extremely important to urban neighborhoods as they cool streets and houses on hot summer days and block cold winds in the winter, reducing costs of heating and air conditioning.  Trees are also natural air and water filters, cleaning pollution out of the air we breathe, making neighborhoods healthier, more beautiful places to live.

Trees need People! Trees need people to care for them to survive. They are especially vulnerable within their first 3-5 years of life. Plus, caring for them builds community around important environmental issues.


As we plant trees through this project, we are engaging community members and organizational partners, helping them to participate in three care, and connecting people to resources and each other. This will help to grow a community of tree stewards in Western Queens. Take a look at our tree inventory map by visiting TreeKIT which shows existing street trees as well as where there are opportunities to plant in the area.

As of Fall 2012 we have:

  • Planted 702 trees on sidewalks and in publically accessible private spaces

  • Trained 185 people in tree care with Trees New York

  • Supported 373 people through events and projects

  • Completed a tree inventory survey with TreeKIT and 54 volunteers

Become part of the growing number of stewards helping to make Western Queens greener!


Train, participate, lead, network!

  • Find out about leadership training, grant opportunities, and other resources available through Partnerships for Parks and bring your community together around trees!

  • Learn about tree care and receive supplies, support and resources to help you in your tree care efforts

  • Share ideas about where you’d like trees planted in your neighborhood

Get started by contacting Kyle Richard at or 917-613-5724 for more information on these exciting opportunities!