Catalyst Program

Catalyst is a long-term community development program, working in historically underserved NYC parks. Catalyst builds park communities, connecting people to NYC green spaces and waterfronts, increasing their capacity to sustain parks as a key component of resilient neighborhoods. Learn more about Catalyst by reading about our work in East River Park in Manhattan, Kaiser and Calvert Vaux Parks in Brooklyn, and Soundview Park in the Bronx.

How we work:

Catalyst builds local excitement and interest in parks and waterfronts.

Catalyst engages in extensive community outreach to identify potential partners in parks and waterfronts. We offer free arts, sports, and education programming to help residents see these spaces as active, safe places for community building. Our partners include residents, students, educators, community leaders, non-profits, and the business community who want to make a difference in the neighborhood.

Catalyst connects parks to community priorities.

We create opportunities for collaboration that allow people to see their shared interest in parks and waterfront spaces. We provide training and resources to support park leadership including seed and capacity building grants, technical assistance, and workshops for group development.

Catalyst sustains local leadership for strong park communities.

We provide group development and leadership skill support to groups and leaders to help them accomplish their long-term goals, and to ensure the sustainability of their work. We cultivate collaborations among partners to support parks as vital centers of community life.