Kate Nemetz: Intern Reflection

02.05.14 | 11am | Intern Reflection

When I began my Marketing & Communications summer internship with City Parks Foundation, I was most excited to get involved with SummerStage. As a frequent concertgoer I was looking forward to working at all of the amazing shows on our lineup and experiencing each unique park that we held them in. While the concerts were no doubt fun and enriching, the internship wouldn’t have been the same experience had I not gotten to work on many of the other wonderful programs that CPF offers.

Kate distributing SummerStage programs. Photo by Justina Wong.

On one of the hottest days of the year, I traveled with my boss Georgia and two other interns to Strack Pond in Forest Park, Queens, to see the participants in our Green Girls Summer Institute learn about dragonflies. Despite the heat, oppressive even to a native Texan like myself, none of the girls were complaining. They were completely engaged and interested in what they were being taught. When it was time for them to try to catch some dragonflies themselves, many of the girls excitedly plodded into the muddy lake, some soaking their shoes and clothing, to better their chances. Their curiosity and tenacity struck me. Getting to see a program like Green Girls in action was inspiring and solidified my belief in the importance of CPF’s work to provide such opportunities for young children.

Green Girls at Strack Pond. Photo by Eliana Rowe.

My time at CPF was extremely rewarding and taught me so much. I learned how to run press campaigns and how to maintain an engaging social media presence. I became familiar with the city’s five boroughs and many of the diverse communities within them. I learned a lot about what it’s like to work for a non-profit organization and with people who are incredibly dedicated and passionate about what they do. Having graduated from college just before the start of the internship, it was particularly reassuring to work in an organization where the people were excited about what they do and deeply believed in the importance of it. Such was the enthusiasm in the office that I not only looked forward to going in to work each of my scheduled three days a week, but I actually had slight FOMO (fear of missing out) on my days off! From the amazing concerts I attended to the irreplaceable relationships that I formed, my internship at City Parks Foundation was a phenomenal experience that I feel so lucky to have had.

Kate Nemetz was a Summer 2013 Marketing & Communications Intern.

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