Youth Made Media

Youth Made Media (YM2) is a multimedia/technology after school program offering video production training, media literacy, new media, academic support and life skills training. Launched in 2004 out of the Red Hook Recreation Center in Brooklyn, Youth Made Media expanded in 2009 to operate in all five boroughs.

During the school year, the program is open from 2 to 8 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays; in the summer, we conduct an Intensive Summer Institute, four days per week, to train youth in all aspects of production.

Through multifaceted activities, these programs help kids discover their unique talents and aptitudes, while mastering valuable technology skills and exploring careers and workplaces. Participants gain experience in using a broad range of standard and specialized industry software for video and sound editing. These programs provide a safe space where teens can share with one another, develop leadership skills, forge a group identity, and serve their community.

A Few Facts:

  • Over 350 middle school and high school kids, ages 13 to 19, participate throughout the five locations.

  • Teens take regular field trips to meet with other youth groups and professionals, attend film and video screenings and youth multimedia festivals, and visit workplaces and cultural institutions.

  • Participants learn to analyze popular media and cultural messages as part of their media literacy critiques and work on developing positive, affirming alternatives.

  • Participants receive individualized life coaching and support in pursuing their professional and educational aspirations. Youth are guided to view their community through a different lens and to become community leaders who will work towards social justice.

  • Youth Made Media emphasizes literacy development, and hone public speaking, interviewing, analytical and creative expression skills.

  • The program engages family and community members through regular celebrations, and expose youth to a variety of stimulating experiences in and outside their neighborhoods.

Team Leaders

Our Team Leader component catapults a few outstanding students to become peer mentors, serve as teacher assistants, and support overall program activities. In return, Team Leaders receive a modest stipend and advanced training.

Internships for Teens and College/Graduate Students

Through numerous collaborations, Youth Made Media offers students credit-bearing opportunities during the school day and outside of school hours. These professional-level externships allow the youth to acquire solid skills and work experience in return for official school credit.

For more information contact Jaime Zelaya, Director for Out-of-School Programs, at (212) 360-2746 or email Jaime Zelaya.

Check out Youth Made Media’s website and watch new video projects from students ›