Professional Development

Reaching more than 6,000 students citywide each year, CityParks Education programs meet mandated standards, model inquiry-based learning, and demonstrate a commitment to promoting conservation of our city’s natural areas through environmental education.

City Parks Education Helps Educators Green Their Lessons

Greening Your Lessons is a professional development program for educators. Participants receive extensive materials, practice important field methods (in local parks or at their educational site), and learn how to implement hands-on activities for different subject areas. CityParks Education designs and tailors workshops for public school faculty that integrate indoor and outdoor experiences to capture students’ attention.

CityParks Education customizes workshops for different group needs, addresses diverse learning modalities, and creatively integrates the local community in the learning process.

Our range of inquiry-based urban ecology and site-specific workshops includes, but is not limited to teaching about the unique characteristics of the following local ecosystems:

  1. Garden Ecology. At one of several garden sites, CityParks educators demystify and simplify the elements of teaching using plant-based techniques in a garden setting. Educators have the opportunity to explore the garden landscape, learn myriad lessons focused on core skills, and prepare simple lessons that can form part of an exciting curriculum.

  2. Coastal Ecology. Through an exploration of local estuaries, beaches, and waterfront areas, educators gain experience using simple tools and teaching about the fascinating aquatic habitats that surround us.

  3. Forest Ecology. With over 5,000 acres of woodlands, local forests can be an exciting focal or jumping off point for year-long studies in the environment. CityParks Education will help educators explore the local forests, model exciting lessons, and provide concrete tools that have proven success with students of all ages and learning styles.

For more information about the program, please contact CityParks Education at (212) 360-3327 or by email.