Coastal Classroom

Discovering the Secrets of Our Aquatic Ecosystem! Coastal Classroom – offers workshops in parks along the waterfront, an education program focused on the human impact on aquatic habitats and water quality coastal ecology.

Hands-on activities in our parks are among the very best opportunities to learn about ecology and the environment. Few places in the city provide better resources for active learning about our natural world and the issues we face in preserving it than our parks.

Coastal Classroom provides young people (4th grade and up) and community members of all ages opportunities to “get their feet wet” in some of New York’s coastal hot spots. Situated within the Long Island Sound watershed, participants delve into New York City’s waterfront and explore the world beneath the waves through exciting, meaningful programming. See the present state of our water resources and get a glimpse into the challenges of future preservation efforts.

Coastal Classroom operates from March to early November, during school and after school hours in Astoria and at Hallets Cove of Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City. Classes are 60-90 minutes long and can be comprised of 1-4 sessions. Scheduling for summer programs begins in March. Led by City Parks Foundation’s educators, Coastal Classroom joins a series of initiatives that make up the Astoria/Long Island City Waterfront Parks Catalyst Project.

For more information on Coastal Classroom or to participate in the future, please email

Please call (212) 360-1399 to find out about our fee schedule.